🤑 OVER $2.2M IN SALES PIPELINE generated in 1 year

Done-For-You Cold Email Outreach

Get more sales meetings booked into your calendar each month. On autopilot.

Focus on what you do best, we’ll handle the B2B lead generation for you.

The King of Cold Email!

Ryan is the king of cold email.

I showed him some of my outbound campaigns on screenshare and he pointed out some high impact tweaks that I never thought about.

– Foti Panagiotakopoulos

I Have More Than Doubled My Revenue.

Ryan is a master of B2B outreach.

Since I started using his services 6 months ago, I’ve more than doubled my clients (and revenue!). This stuff works, plain and simple. 

– Joseph Fitzgibbon

….over $2.2M in New Sales Pipeline
Generated for our Clients Since 2021.

Our cold email campaigns consistently outperform industry standards.

We continuously A/B test every component to get you the best results.

“I couldn’t recommend anyone other than OutreachSauce

– Mark Colgan
CEO of Speak On Podcasts 

Our Saucy Process.


We’ll handle the entire process for you – from technical setup to building a laser-targeted list of prospects to crafting compelling email sequences that convert.


We’ll work with you to refine your messaging, offer and audience. We’ll also plan out how to structure your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.


We’ve used cold email successfully to acquire customers in dozens of different industries, so we know what works and can adopt a strategy best-suited to your business.



Our technical team will set up and warm up several domains to send from (plus some backups just in case). This will ensure the best possible deliverability.


We have a sophisticated warmup process that involves both software and humans – which ultimately means more emails landing in the inbox rather than the spam folder.


We’ll put together a laser-targeted list of prospects and gather additional info for personalization. We remove incorrect, outdated and honeypot email addresses.


We use a combination of software + human lead researchers to find email addresses and gather additional info. This enables deeper personalization, filtering and quality control.



We will write (and re-write!) email sequences that arouse curiosity, engage your prospects, establish trust – and get them excited to talk to you.


There is a real art to writing cold emails that get your prospects interested in what you’re selling. Fortunately, we have a world class writing team with over 10 years’ experience who are really, really good at it.


We’ll set up and run the campaigns for you. We use Lemlist for running campaigns, which allows us to add personalization, run A/B tests and measure performance.


There are a lot of moving parts with cold email, so we use a 3-step quality assurance process to ensure campaigns are error-free before we begin sending them out.


We’ll continuously A/B test every aspect of the cold email campaigns to improve performance over time. We will also send you monthly reports to keep you updated on results.


Conversion rate optimization is in our DNA, so we take a very scientific approach to testing. This means your results – and ROI – will get better the longer you work with us.

“We had to pause the campaigns because my

team was fully booked.

– Reid Mayo
Co-Founder of Swarm Solutions

Our Pricing


From sourcing a laser-targeted list of prospects to crafting
compelling email sequences that get them excited for your offer,
– we manage your entire outbound system.

“I know every month

I’ll have new leads in

the pipeline.

– Miguel Angel Lopez Trujillo
Sales Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you get the leads?

We’ve got an internal team of lead researchers who will manually put a list of prospects together for you.

We don’t buy list of leads or outsource any of the work.

Depending on your targeting criteria, we’ll first find and scrape a variety of directories, search engine results, groups, communities, or websites where your prospects regularly hang out, and then we’ll get our LRs to find all the custom information we need.

Do you handle sales calls, as well?

We’re great at cold email, and we want to keep it that way. So our focus is strictly getting your business quality leads who want to get on a call with you each month.

Once a prospect replies positively to our message, we automatically forward them to you so your team can get on a call with them and close the sale.

Who is this service intended for?

This service is intended for B2B businesses with a lifetime value of at least $1K.

If one customer is worth less than $1K to you, then you’re better off doing cold email yourself – we’ve created a step-by-step course packed with all our tricks than can show you how!

Do you offer any guarantees?

We only require a 3-month minimum commitment, so you’re never locked into anything long-term.

This is because the first month we’ll be warming up your domains, manually gathering your leads, and crafting your email sequence – so we’ll only start sending emails in Month 2.

(but don’t worry, you’ll get the first month’s leads at the end of your time with us!)

After that, we get two whole months to run some experiments and optimize the results from the first month of sending emails.

So 3 months is really the minimum we’ll need to figure out if this channel works for your business. 

Why don't you charge based on the number of leads you get me?

In our  experience, any professional worth their salt doesn’t charge purely based on performance.

Why? Because performance will depend on a variety of factors, including:

-how good your offer is

-your pricing vs. your competitors’

-the amount of social proof you’ve got


…amongst others.

Plus, as we explained above, we invest resources from the very beginning to warm up your domains, gather the leads, and craft your sequences.

At the end of the day, we only make money if we can keep you long term.

And that only happens if we get you quality leads each month, so our interests are very much aligned.

Some Client Responses…


These are just some of the replies we get for our clients on a regular basis.
Let’s get on a call so we can showcase yours here, too.